BMW unveils Rocket League partnership: A boost for the esports brand

BMW and Rocket League
Kevin Larsen
Kevin Larsen, Chief Editor

Esports are here to stay. Recently, German car manufacturer BMW announced it was tying up with Psyonix ahead of the launch of the M280i. model. Psyonx is the developer behind the famed Rocket League.

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BMW and Rocket League come together

The developer announced that M280i will be available on the Rocket League from November 4. Please note this launch on the esports platform will take place much ahead of the official launch of the brand. As part of this tie-up, BMW will be the title sponsor of the second phase of the RLCS 2021-2022 circuit.

Scheduled for November 5-7, this circuit will feature 16 teams including BDS, FC Barcelona, Endpoint, and Evil Geniuses. The top prize of $100,000 comes from BMW.
The carmaker will also sponsor a $25,000 freestyle tournament that features the top 16 freestylers. This championship will begin on November 4, and end on November 7, after the conclusion of the second semifinal of the BMW Rocket League Open.

How to get the M240i

Rocket League players can get this yet-to-be launched model well before its official launch. If you have 1100 credits or more, you can own this spanking car from BMW, subject to some rules.

The new car from BMW comes with several features. These are Thundernight Metallic Decal, United in Rivalry Animated Decal, BMW Player Banner, and the Bavarian Hat Topper.

BMW is no stranger to esports. In 2017, it was a part of the League of Legends Championship as the official sponsorship. Three years later, the carmaker collaborated with the top 5 esports bodies under the banner, “United in Rivalry”. These organizations were FunPlus Phoenix, Fnatic, Cloud9, G2 Esports and T1.

Esports and BMW

There are lots of video gamers who are playing games all the time. But very few of them have the skill and persistence to take their games to an elite level. Those who do, have access to plenty of sponsorships, prizes, and other wonderful things. Corporations like BMW have taken note of these players, and are ready to sponsor them on various esports tournaments. These players are likely to be the future car buyers as well.

Competitive gamers play the same games as the casual ones. But the former play as part of leagues and teams. Competitive gaming is very popular in North America, Korea and Japan. Most competitive gamers show their skills on platforms, such as Twitch.

Forbes says the Esports industry will touch the $2billion mark by 2023. The growth in this vertical is driven by the advances in video technology. BMW has spotted an opportunity in this area, and that is why it is spending millions of dollars in esports.

Esports bring in lots of money to players, brands, video game producers, and tournament organizers.

Lately, some auto manufacturers, such as BMW have taken note of this opportunity, and begun sponsoring some key esports events. The carmaker has already tied up with 5 top esports leagues, such as Cloud9. The Rocket League collaboration is the latest marketing strategy from BMW.