Call of Duty Rage Quitters. An Explanation Of What Rage Quitting Is

Call of Duty rage quitters
Kevin Larsen
Kevin Larsen, Chief Editor

Picture this, you’re playing a game on good old Nuketown and your team is righteously winning, then your opponents start leaving the game and maybe even throwing an overused swear word before they part.

At this point, the satisfaction of winning the challenges against your opponent is gone, your opponent has rage quit, and the experience is over.

However, it’s much worse if you’re on the receiving end of rage quitting. We’ve all had games when we lose a few rounds, and our randomized teammates lose all faith and leave you to suffer on your own.

But why do people do this in the first place? Let’s find out.

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What Is Rage Quitting?

Rage quitting is when someone is so fed up in a game that they just quit it abruptly. At least that’s the textbook definition, as sometimes rage quitters are more nuanced than this.

For instance, a rage quitter can be so sore that they end up insulting you, someone else, or everyone in the server before they go, no matter whether it’s the quitter’s team or the opponent’s team.

If a rage quitter is on your team, they might start griefing first (for example, obstructing or shooting you) before they quit.

Some rage quitters even take it further by stalking and harassing people they matched with, while others can break their keyboard or monitor in frustration. Yes, it gets that bad.

Rage Quitting Is Much Older Than Video Games

It’s important to mention that rage quitting isn’t unique to video games. It’s a natural reaction to frustration, so it probably existed as long as we, humans, did.

For example, have you ever gotten in a fight with your significant other and left the house in anger? Or got scolded by your boss and stormed out of the office? If you answered yes, then you’ve rage quit in real life.

The same thing happens in games. People play them to have fun, and for some particular people, they can’t have fun if they’re not winning.

Rage Quitters on Your Team

Team-based game modes like Capture the Flag and Search & Destroy increase the likelihood of rage quitting. This is because some people won’t accept that their teammates made a mistake, or they believe that they’re losing because of their “noob team.”

As a result, a rage quitter may turn against you before they quit to annoy you. For instance, they can start giving away your location, obstructing your view, or simply going AFK, before eventually quitting the game.

In this case, the best thing to do is report the player for griefing and trying to win even when your team is one player down. And if you do manage to win, the satisfaction of victory will be tremendous knowing that you did it while handicapped.

So go out there and have fun, and don’t let a sore loser ruin your experience.