How ecoPayz has become a leading payment provider in the igaming space

Kevin Larsen
Kevin Larsen, Chief Editor

The iGaming industry has flourished tremendously in the past few years. Many casinos and sportsbooks have made their presence online by launching high-function websites and well-designed applications. Nowadays, all casinos enthusiasts and sports bettors do not have to leave the comfort of their houses to play their favourite games and place their bets.

However, this flourishment brought out some issues. One of these is the matter of payment. This matter has led to the growth of eWallets and other forms of online payment. ecoPayz is one of these fast-growing global solutions that offer the easiest payment options. This is why it has become the leading payment service for the iGaming space.

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What is ecoPayz?

ecoPayz is an online eWallet of a global scale that makes transactions very easy, very fast, and in the safest way possible. It has been on the market for twenty years, and it has a customer-centric policy. ecoPayz belongs to IPS Solutions LTD, a company based in Nicosia, Cyprus. IPS Solutions follows all the laws and regulations of the Central Bank of Cyprus and has the necessary credentials in order to be in the market.

So basically you create an account on ecoPayz, and you link all of your bank accounts (or the one you are planning on using for iGaming). You can link your Master or Debit card and make your transactions via the ecoPayz platform. IPS Solutions has made sure to protect its customers. That is you do not risk losing your money from your accounts to imposters and online thieves. But even in this highly unlikely case, ecoPayz has the best and fastest customer service that will solve the problem in no time.

Why use it for gambling?

ecoPayz has a variety of advantages that make it preferable for casinos and gamblers alike.

It is one of the safest payment methods on a global scale. So, you do not have to fear that you will lose money.

ecoPayz keeps its clients’ personal information, such as bank details private. Casinos and sportsbooks do not have access to them.

The transactions happen very fast, especially if happening between two ecoPayz accounts. A deposit takes ten to twenty seconds to appear on the balance. A withdrawal can take up to 48 hours. In the case of online casinos, it takes them a little time to process the transaction, therefore they need a few hours.

The majority of online casinos and sportsbooks do not charge extra fees on transactions happening via ecoPayz. This is an important feature because in other cases, the fees are very high, or they are based on a percentage of the amount into the transaction.

If you want to deposit or withdraw large amounts of money, you have to provide identification. The identification will be linked to your account. At a first sight, this might not seem convenient. However, it is actually a perk because it protects you from scams.

ecoPayz and casino bonuses

In addition to all the aforementioned advantages, many online casinos offer bonuses if you choose to make your payment via ecoPayz. Not so long ago, they offered bonuses only if you chose to pay with a Debit or Credit card. Nevertheless, times changed, and they had to adapt to the customers’ needs. These bonuses include free spins, free credits on your casino account, money back, instant cashback, risk-free bonuses, etc. Of course, these bonuses vary according to the casino.

ecoPayz reviews don't lie

As with everything online, you will find reviews of gamblers and bettors for ecoPayz on TrustPilot, Quora, and relevant websites. The overall feedback is quite positive. According to them, the withdrawal times are actually true, and the problem-solving for special issues or inquiries is equally good. So far, there haven’t been any gambling-related problems. ecoPayz takes good care of its customers.

ecoPayz leads the way

With all that being said, it comes as no surprise that ecoPayz has become the leading payment provider in the iGaming industry. Players and casinos are pleased with the services provided by ecoPayz. Therefore, it is safe to say that it is the best way to make your online transactions and play stress-free your favourite games at online casinos.