How Futocasi is aiming to corner the Japanese online casino market

Kevin Larsen
Kevin Larsen, Chief Editor

In the face of growing competition from major players in Japan’s online gambling industry, Futocasi will be aiming to corner the Japanese market for online casino gaming by offering a range of services to match the needs of both experienced and novice players.

Domestic online gambling is seeing phenomenal growth thanks to new government legislation. In October of last year, Japan introduced a progressive tax system that enabled new online gambling operators to offer their services at a lower rate of tax compared to previous levels.

Futocasi is a Japan-based startup founded in 2020 with a mission to make gambling more accessible and regulated in Japan. The platform is currently preparing to launch a beta version of its legal casino website. It is a new online casino company that has set out to corner the Japanese market with its “uniquely Asian” approach to the gaming industry.

The company’s blog claims that it wants to shake up the dynamics of the industry by focusing on the main aspects that appeal to customers in the region, including fair gambling games, unique and high-quality games, and providing an intuitive user interface.

The platform provides an interactive gaming experience for players in Japan. Since it is a Japanese-focused service, players in Japan will have an option to make bets with the yen, their native currency which is considered a great advantage. It also allows betting on over 2,000 game events and creating personal, high-value betting accounts on the platform.

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Futocasi claiming its stake in the Japanese online casino market

As one of the newest online casino platforms in Japan, Futocasi is set to capitalize on this emerging market that has seen massive growth in recent years. With years of experience in the industry, Futocasi will provide users with a best-in-class gaming experience, all while offering players an instant no-deposit bonus to get started.

Dozens of online casinos spring up in Japan each year, all vying for a share of a nearly $2 billion industry. At the forefront of this industry is Futocasi, a company licensed by Curacao that has become one of the most highly regarded online casino providers in Japan.

Futocasi is set to win its stake in the Japanese online casino market by helping users find the casino with the most amazing offers. Now, players can make their reservations at Futocasi with a ¥1,200 minimum deposit. As a new player, you will be rewarded with an exclusive welcome bonus that lets you receive up to ¥10,000 in casino credits.

The fun doesn’t stop there, as you will also be greeted with a special welcome package. Players can enjoy a 50% match bonus for 20 days which includes a welcome gift of ¥500 worth of Futocasi credits, up to ¥2500.

The secret behind Futocasi's successful strategy

Every company is guided by a set of key principles or guidelines that drive its success. For example, for most companies, their leading principle may be Quality, Cost, or Value. The management board will determine these core principles, but they are designed to highlight areas where the company has the opportunity to outperform the competition. Futocasi’s core principle is Creativity.

Futocasi is a gambling platform that provides the tools and resources to help advance one’s professional and personal life. They work closely with their members to ensure every person has the opportunity to grow and reach their fullest potential. The company took a professional path in developing the platform and making sure it was based on strict standards and policies.

Futocasi is becoming one of the largest online casinos globally. Unlike other companies, they take a very hands-on approach to customer service. They also offer all of their games in live mode, which allows players to play against real dealers. They are proud to provide gamblers with an easy and fun gaming experience.

Final Thoughts

Futocasi, an online-based gambling platform, has announced that it has officially received licensing for online betting services in Japan. The company can now start competing with other established providers of Internet casino games. It is an emerging player in the country’s gaming industry.

Futocasi is a 3 in 1 betting and casino platform that makes it easy for users to bet on their favorite sports and play games like slots and casino table games. They aim to provide a user-friendly way to gamble without the high risks and toll on the addictive personality.