Gaming Conventions in Europe – A Full List

Gaming Conventions Europe
Kevin Larsen
Kevin Larsen, Chief Editor

Europe may not boast as many gaming conventions as the United States, but the continent is certainly home to some of the biggest gaming conventions in the world.

In this post, we share a full list of all the gaming conventions in Europe. We also shed light on two of the continent’s biggest conventions, so stick around.

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Full List of Europe’s Gaming Conventions

  • UK Games Expo – Hilton, NEC, England (May/June)
  • Multiplay’s Insomnia Gaming Festival – NEC
  • Birmingham, England (no specific date)
  • EGX – Birmingham, England (no specific date) and London, England (no specific date)
  • Nordic Game Jam – Copenhagen, Denmark (January/February)
  • Fastaval – Århus, Denmark (Easter)
  • Assembly – Helsinki, Finland (August and February)
  • Ropecon – Helsinki, Finland (July)
  • Game Developers Session – Prague, Czech Republic (November)
  • Itzacon Eire – NUI Galway, Ireland (March)
  • Games Fleadh – LIT Tipperary , Ireland (March)
  • Warpcon – University College Cork, Ireland (January)
  • Gamescom – Köln, Germany (August)
    Nuremberg International
  • Toy Fair – Nuremberg, Germany (February)
    Internationale Spieltage
  • Spiel – Essen, Germany (October)
  • Lucca Comics & Games – Lucca, Italy (November)
  • PLAY: The Games Festival – Modena, Italy (April)
  • Hellana Games – Agliana, Italy (April)
  • Festival Ludique International de Parthenay (FLIP) – Parthenay, France (July)
  • DreamHack – Centre international de congrès de Tours , France (May)
  • Paris Games Week (PGW) – Paris, France (November)
  • The Gathering – Hamar, Norway (Easter)
  • Pyrkon – Poznań, Poland (March)
  • Polcon – Poland (August)
  • Comic-Con Russia, Russia (no specific date)
  • Russian Game Developers Conference, Russia (no specific date)
  • IgroMir – Moscow, Russia (September)
  • Lisboa Games Week – Lisbon, Portugal (November)
  • East European Comic Con, Romania (no specific date)
  • GothCon – Gothenburg, Sweden (Easter)
  • DreamHack – Jönköping & Skellefteå, Sweden (no specific date)

The Biggest Gaming Conventions in Europe

When we think of the biggest gaming conventions in Europe, Gamescom comes to mind. This convention is so massive that it’s considered the European equivalent of E3, which is the biggest gaming convention in the United States.

Gamescom is attended by game developers and publishers from all over the world, not just in Europe, including Microsoft and Sony. Developers and publishers utilize Gamescom, along with other major conventions, to announce and advertise their upcoming releases.

Manufacturers also attend such major conventions to advertise their gaming-related products.
The thing that sets Gamescom apart from its North American counterpart is that anyone and everyone is welcome to attend it. E3, on the other hand, is exclusive to insiders.

Gamescom’s attendance is typically in the hundreds of thousands. It’s also streamed by millions of gaming enthusiasts from all over the world. The convention is held in Germany in the month of August.
Another convention that comes to mind when we think of the biggest gaming conventions in Europe is EuroGamer Expo, or EGX for short. It’s considered the biggest gaming convention in the United Kingdom.

Despite being based in the UK, EGX has been making inroads in other parts of the continent. The convention is mainly dedicated to unveiling new video games. So, if you’re into video games and you can make it to London in time, this is one convention you don’t want to miss.

It’s worth noting that even though EGX has always been held in London, it was once held in Birmingham. Another thing worth noting is that EGX has recently opened a branch in Germany—in Berlin, to be specific—and that there are future plans to spread the event across major European cities.


Gaming conventions are showing no signs of slowing down. Each day, their popularity soars higher than the day before. In the near future, each major city will most likely have its very own gaming convention.

If you’re based in Europe, there are plenty of gaming conventions that you can attend, as detailed above. Granted, the continent may not boast as many conventions as North America, but it’s certainly home to a lot of conventions that are worth experiencing, including Gamescom in Germany and EuroGamer Expo in the UK.

Please note that some gaming conventions are global, meaning they’re not based in one specific location. DreamHack is a prime example, as it was once held in Anaheim, California in January of 2020, then it was held in Leipzig, Germany the following month. So, be sure to stay in tune with the latest news regarding global gaming conventions.