Gaming Conventions in the USA – A Full List

Gaming Conventions USA
Kevin Larsen
Kevin Larsen, Chief Editor

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Whether you’re into video games, role-playing games, miniature wargames, board games, or any other type of gaming, attending a gaming convention is going to be the experience of a lifetime for you.

The United States is home to about a hundred different gaming conventions spread all across the country, from the North West and Middle Atlantic to the Pacific.

Here’s a full list of all the gaming conventions in the USA arranged by regional divisions:

Gaming Conventions in the North East

  • Arisia – Boston, Massachusetts (January)
  • PortConMaine – Portland, Maine (June)
  • FlightSimCon – Windsor Locks, Connecticut (June)
  • Carnagecon – Killington, Vermont (November)
  • Intercon – Chelmsford, Massachusetts (March)
  • ConnectiCon – Hartford, Connecticut (July)
  • Vericon – Cambridge, Massachusetts (March)
  • Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) East – Boston, Massachusetts (March/April)

Gaming Conventions on the North Atlantic Coast

  • World Boardgaming Championships – Seven Springs, Pennsylvania (July)
  • Historicon – Lancaster, Pennsylvania (July)
  • Genericon – Troy, New York (February/March)
  • Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) Unplugged – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (December)
  • DexCon – Morristown, New Jersey (July)
  • PrinceCon – Princeton, New Jersey (no specific month)
  • TooManyGames – Oaks, Pennsylvania (June)
  • I-CON – Long Island, New York (March/April)
  • IndieCade East – Queens, New York (February)

Gaming Conventions in Central West

  • Gamicon – Iowa City, Iowa (February)
  • DemiCon – Des Moines, Iowa (May)

Gaming Conventions in Central East

  • ConCoction – Cleveland, Ohio (March)
    Marmalade Dog –
  • Kalamazoo, Michigan (first quarter of the year)
  • Winter Fantasy – Fort Wayne, Indiana (January)
  • Marcon – Columbus, Ohio (Mother’s Day weekend)
  • Origins Game Fair – Columbus, Ohio (June)
  • Gary Con – Lake Geneva, Wisconsin (March)
  • Penguicon – Troy, Michigan (April)
  • Midwest Gaming Classic – Milwaukee, Wisconsin (April)
  • U-Con – Ann Arbor, Michigan (November)
  • Archon – Collinsville, Illinois (October)
  • Gen Con – Indianapolis, Indiana (July/August)

Gaming Conventions on the South Atlantic Coast

  • Historicon – Fredericksburg, Virginia (July)
  • PrezCon – Charlottesville, Virginia (President’s Day weekend)
  • MineCon – Orlando, Florida (no specific month)
  • Dragon Con – Atlanta, Georgia (Labor Day weekend)
  • MomoCon – Atlanta, Georgia (May)
  • RavenCon – Richmond, Virginia (April)
  • MegaCon – Orlando, Florida (May)
  • Stellarcon – High Point, North Carolina (March)
  • MAGFest – National Harbor, Maryland (January)

Gaming Conventions in South West Central

  • QuakeCon – Dallas, Texas (August)
  • BGG.CON – Irving, Texas (November)
  • RTX – Austin, Texas (July)
  • Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) South – San Antonio, Texas (January)
  • SXSW – Austin, Texas (March)
  • Comicpalooza – Houston, Texas (May)

Gaming Conventions in South East Central

  • MidSouthCon – Memphis, Tennessee (March)
  • Chattacon – Chattanooga, Tennessee (January)
  • Hypericon – Nashville, Tennessee (no specific month)
  • CoastCon – Biloxi, Mississippi (March)
  • MOBICON – Mobile, Alabama (May)
  • Games Workshop Games Day – Memphis, Tennessee (no specific month)
  • Lexicon Gaming Convention – Lexington, Kentucky (April)
  • Yama-Con – Pigeon Forge, Tennessee (December)

Gaming Conventions on the Pacific Coast

  • Dragonflight – Seattle, Washington (August)
  • BlizzCon – Anaheim, California (no specific month)
  • GameStorm – Portland, Oregon (March)
  • Game Developers Conference – San Francisco, California (March)
  • Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) – Los Angeles, California (June)
  • Gamex – Los Angeles, California (May)
  • GameSoundCon – Los Angeles, California (no specific month)
  • GaymerX – San Francisco, California (no specific month)
  • Gateway – Los Angeles, California (September)
  • IndieCade Festival – Los Angeles, California (October)
  • RadCon – Pasco, Washington (February)
  • DunDraCon – San Ramon, California (February)
  • OrcCon – Los Angeles, California (February)
  • Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show – Seattle, Washington (June)
  • OryCon – Portland, Oregon (November)
  • Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) West – Seattle, Washington (August)
  • Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) Dev – Seattle, Washington (August)
  • TwitchCon – location varies (September)
  • SpoCon – Spokane, Washington (August)
  • Norwescon – Seattle, Washington (March/April)

Gaming Conventions in the Mountains

  • Game On Expo – Mesa, Arizona (August)
  • SaltCON – Layton, Utah (March)
  • Denver Comic Con – Denver, Colorado (June)
  • Phoenix Comic Fest – Phoenix, Arizona (May)

Final Words

There you have it; a complete list of all the gaming conventions in the United States. No matter the region in which you’re based, you’re guaranteed to find a gaming convention nearby.
Keep in mind that certain gaming conventions are dedicated to certain types of gaming. Some are dedicated to video gaming, whereas others are dedicated to board games.

The biggest gaming convention out of the bunch is Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), held in Los Angeles, California. E3 is dedicated solely to the video game industry. It’s where many publishers, developers, and manufacturers introduce and advertise their upcoming video games and gaming-related products.

Game Developers Conference, which takes place in San Francisco, California, is another massive gaming convention that’s worth experiencing. It’s composed of five days of conferences, 3 days of expo, and, of course, the Independent Games Festival Awards.