How Mystino are paving their own path to win market share in the competitive Japanese market

Kevin Larsen
Kevin Larsen, Chief Editor

When you think of Japan as a country, you probably don’t associate it much with online casinos. In fact, Japan is usually heavily associated with pachinko, which is traditionally the favorite game of chance in that country.

But things are changing, and in today’s Japan, pachinko is seen as a pastime for the older crowd. Younger people in Japan, just like younger people anywhere else in the world, tend to be glued to their phones. And, as a result, their tastes in entertainment are trending more and more towards online casinos, also like other places in the world.

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Mystino is taking advantage of the burgeoning Japanese market

Mystino Casino has just recently launched the brand-new Japanese version of their storied online casino, after years of experience and no small success as an online casino in many Western countries.

This new version will have all the positive points of the English (or other language) version of Mystino Casino. It will, however, feature several tweaks to make it more amenable to the Japanese market, including different kinds of bonuses tailored specifically to Japenese players.

Mystino is expected to be a big success in the Japanese market for many reasons. One reason stands out though, among all the others:

Mystino was originally inspired by an anime character

Mystino, as the reader may or may not know already, was inspired by Misty, who was and is a popular anime character, both in and out of Japan.

Because this online casino was inspired by anime, it represents a nod of the head to Japanese culture from its very beginning. Japanese players are expected to appreciate this, and to respond in kind by signing up to play in droves.

Mystino is a licensed casino

Mystino is licensed as an online casino by the government of Curacao, which provides an added layer of confidence for prospective gamers, since they are overseen by a third party and have to meet certain standards to maintain their license.

Mystino has great betting terms for Japanese players

One thing Japanese players, it is felt, look for in online casinos is straightforward terms and conditions. Mystino provides that in a way many online casinos don’t.

In particular, you are allowed to withdraw funds right away without limitations. Also, Mystino gives players free spins every day, with no strings attached whatsoever. They are playable on any slot in the casino, and, once again, the winnings are immediately available for withdrawal.

All of the games on Mystino also have free versions, allowing players to learn the ropes of a particular game before they make the decision to put real money on the line with that particular game.

The Future for Mystino in Japan

We are expecting a great future for Mystino in general, and especially in the increasingly competitive Japanese market. It seems like Mystino has all the pieces in place for initial and continued success in Japan.

From the bonuses to the terms and conditions to the games on offer, it appears that Mystino has completely done their homework, and is poised to take on the Japanese market in a big way.