Paysafecard: How The Anonymous Payment System Allows Japanese Gamblers to Play Online Casino Games

Kevin Larsen
Kevin Larsen, Chief Editor

Paysafecard is accepted across the globe by online shops and those that provide services online. These include entertainment services, music, films as well as online games. Sports betting to online casino games such as poker is also included.

The Paysafe Group Limited are leaders in end to end payment solutions. Their aim is to provide consumers the opportunity to pay for goods and services in the easiest way possible that is secure and reliable. The Paysafe Group Limited own PaysafeCash, Skrill, Neteller and the Paysafecard.

They are continuously improving of the quality of their products and customer service. This important so that customers feel protected and are able to trust that their funds are safe.

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Why Paysafecard?

Paysafecard payment is safe and can be used as a standalone without a bank account or attached to a credit card. This means that clients do not have to share their financial information with the company. This protects the financial privacy of each user. Paysafecard is available in most countries around the world and Japan is one of them.

Payments in Japan

Japan still uses a lot of cash as a preferred payment method. Companies like Paysafe are providing a needed service as they are prepaid and help the Japanese people move away from constantly paying with cash.

As a country that has a technologically sophisticated populatio, Japan is able to use and accept Paysafecard with ease. When Paysafecard was launched in 2016, the demands and expectations were quite high in Japan. Japan is a country with a high interest in online games, meaning they need safe ways to transact into their casino accounts for example.

With Paysafecard there are no fees for checking your balance. There are also no fees for checking payment history. Japan is trying to limit its use of cash and has given a licence to the Paysafe group to offer their ewallet service in Japan. E-commerce has grown significantly in Japan. Japan has fourth largest e-commerce market in the world. The Japanese are more likely to purchase from trusted Japanese websites and with Paysafecard being accepted they are able to trust it fully.

How To Use Paysafecard

You buy vouchers, which come with pins. You then use the pins when you make a purchase. You will need to enter the pin number as directed by the online shop or casino. Money is then deducted from that specific voucher.

Paysafe card is accepted by most casinos in Japan. When you purchase a voucher you receive a 16-digit number or pin code. Funds loaded onto the Paysafecard can be transferred into a bank account or withdrawn at an ATM.

How to Create a Paysafecard Account

Registering for a Paysafecard is free, it comes at no cost at all. It is also very simple and straightforward to open a Paysafecard account. All you need to do is visit the Paysafe website. Then sign up for a “mypaysafe” account, and then enter details such as username and email. It is important to make sure to complete the process by confirming the account verification via email.

How To Pay With Paysafecard

Users to log into their account, select the product they wish to purchase. Select Paysafecard as the preferred payment option and then an amount will appear. They should then confirm the amount and press next, then next again, the purchase process will be complete.

Expansion Of Paysafecard

It is safe, fast, secure, convenient, and privacy is always maintained. The Paysafecard website is available for finding the nearest place to purchase vouchers. The advantages of Paysafecard has appealed to the Japanese people.

This goes to show that besides Europe, this payment method is loved by individuals from highly diverse cultures, personal interests and income brackets. Paysafecard continues to prove to be a great success. It has enriched, impacted and modified Japan’s way of paying in a very positive way.

It is going to be exciting to see how Paysafe adopts new and easier ways for their users to make payments. Not only that, but it is definitely a success story with new, interesting and exciting chapters to come.