PC RPG LiteBringer is now live on Litecoin blockchain

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The makers of popular PC game Tibia enter the world of blockchain games.

Hundreds of blockchain games have been released over the past few years, but LiteBringer is the first running on the Litecoin blockchain.

Developed by experienced German studio CipSoft, the PC game has been designed to make the most of this emerging technology by focusing on what it does best – that is allowing players to truly own and control all their in-game items.

And as a role-playing game, LiteBringer certainly has plenty of those.

Each character created in the game needs to be equipped with the best gear you can find, and both character and gear need to be leveled up by collecting the material resources each requires.

The result is a game that sees you sending your characters on specific time-based missions to collect loot, and then using that loot to make them more powerful so they can complete more difficult missions for better loot.

Digital ownership

Of course, as a blockchain game, this activity is stored on the Litecoin blockchain, including characters, gear, and resources.

More importantly, all of these items can be traded within the game’s marketplace. So if you really want a high-quality sword or helmet and are prepared to pay the asking price, it’s yours.

Similarly, if you have gear or characters that you no longer require, you can try to sell them to other players as well.

All activity – including character creation and missions – plus all trading is priced in fractions of the Litecoin cryptocurrency. That means LiteBringer will require a certain level of technical know-how. Basically, you will need to send a small amount of the Litecoin cryptocurrency to your game’s wallet to start playing.

You will also need to securely save your password and private key to ensure you have access to your account because no one is able to reset or access your account. Remember, this is a blockchain game!

And yet despite this learning curve, LiteBringer is a blockchain game that combines the value of this emerging technology, with enjoyable and recognizable gaming experiences.

Basically it feels like playing a normal hardcore RPG.

Play free now!

To celebrate the launch on Litecoin Litebringer have an offer for new players. Start playing now and 90% of the transaction costs within the game will be covered for 1 month by Litebringer. Furthermore, there is the possibility to collect free ‘Lites’ from a special pool which will allow new users to get involved for free.

You can check out all the details, including a neat How To Play tutorial section at the LiteBringer website.

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