Pickswise: the best site for sports insights?

Kevin Larsen
Kevin Larsen, Chief Editor

Pickswise is one of the top sports prediction websites in the USA. It is well-designed and easy to use and has experienced specialists that offer great insights for all major sports events. It also holds various betting shows.

In March 2021, Pickswise signed an exciting partnership with one of the most popular sportsbooks websites, FanDuel. Moreover, it launched an application in September, just in time for the new sports season. In September of 2021, it also announced the launch of two new exciting online shows. Let’s break down how Pickswise got to this point and their vision for the future.

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Providing Market Leading Insights

Pickswise has a variety of sports events and teams. It is based in the USA and includes all classic American sports, such as NFL, NBA, soccer, horse racing, tennis, boxing, etc. Its innovative offer is the analysis from experienced people in the field that help the bettors in understanding more about the games, what are the chances of winning, and how much they should bet on a match or not. But these aren’t the only things that Pickswise is proud of.

Launch of the Pickswise App

Pickswise just launched the Pickswise mobile application. It is available for iOS and Android, and it is very easy to use. The application offers the same insights and research for all the important events. It also offers statistics and predictions, all by an experienced team.

The Pickswise app allows the user to compare odds in order to get the best picks. Furthermore, it has the filter option, that is, the user can easily filter the picks of his favorite sports. Of course, placing a bet is super easy

Pickswise Partnership with FanDuel

Pickswise has major partnerships with pillars of the sportsbooks industry. One of these partnerships is with FanDuel. In March 2021, they teamed up and FanDuel became the exclusive sponsor of all Pickswise content for March Madness.

March Madness shows

The partnership included the betting show “Masters of the Madness”, which hosted two big personalities, Jon Rothstein and Rashad Phillips. In addition to the show, they launched the “Hoops Betting Hour”, a live-streaming betting show for college basketball on YouTube and podcast. There was also an initiative all across social media, “Bet-along”, that engaged all sports betting enthusiasts across the time of the tournament.

Finally, the partnership organized the “Pickswise Capper Contest”, where ten experts competed in handicapping and the winner won $10,000. To name a few of the participants, Megan Nunez, John Rothstein, Jeff Nadu, Rashad Phillips, and one Pickswise user who was picked at random and gained a seat.

Pickswise Bonus Offering

Today, bettors can benefit from a $1,000 risk-free bonus on the Pickswise website and app. The bonus is for all new FanDuel users that register, place their bets, and then be compensated for the aforementioned amount in case of loss.

Pickswise new online shows
As a master specialist in sports predictions, trends, and stats, Pickswise announced two online betting shows. The first one will air on the firm’s YouTube Channel. It is called “Let’s Bet It” and it will be a daily program. The second one, “Pickswise Playbook”, will air on a weekly basis on YouTube, and it will be all about NFL. Both will feature analysis and commentaries from Pickswise experts, such as Lauren Jbara, Chris Rose, Jim Monos, Ross Tucker, Jared Smith, and Alex Gaze.

Pickswise Goal: Becoming the No. 1 in sports predictions

Pickswise is already one of the leading website in sports analysis in the US. Their experienced team offers some of the best insights into all the popular American sports.

Now the only question is; can they take it one step further and become the standout performer in the sports and betting insights space? Only time and a lot of hard graft will tell.