A Deep Look at Toornament, Trust Esport’s Latest Investment

Kevin Larsen
Kevin Larsen, Chief Editor

Recently, the French venture capital firm, Trust Esports, invested more than $3 million in Toornament to aid its transition to become a B2B SaaS company. This move left many wondering about just what Toornament is and why the reputable Trust Esports would make such an investment.

In this post, we’ll take a deep dive into Toornament and find out why this platform is here to stay.

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What Is Toornament?

If you notice, Toornament sounds just like the word “tournament.” Well, your guess is as good as mine: Toornament is software for running esports tournaments and leagues. From Wild Rift, Fortnite, Fifa, and Valorant to League of Legends, the software supports more than 400 esports games.

Toornament serves a wide range of clientele, including esports organizers, publishers, agencies, and studios.

In its first year, Toornament was used to organize over 10,000 tournaments. By the third year, that number had risen to over 100,000 tournaments. Last year alone, Toornament hosted over 26,000 tournaments, engaging over a million players in the process.

With Toornament now pivoting to a B2B SaaS solution, that number is sure to skyrocket. But what makes the software so popular? Its features.

Toornament's Features

We’ll cover Toornament’s features across four key areas: organization, participation, presentation, and custom integration.


Toornament promotes itself as “the most comprehensive solution to managing tournaments and leagues,” and rightly so. First of all, the software has a highly customizable structure that enables you to build a game from scratch and adapt it to suit your needs.

For instance, you can choose from a wide range of stage types, whether free-for-all, ranking-based, or bracket-based. Toornament’s interface also allows you to seed specific players and shuffle the rest. Alternatively, you can place all teams directly in groups of your choice.

What’s more, you can configure games to determine which teams or players make it to the next stage of your tournament. Single games, best of games, and home and away games are some of the most common formats.


Without software like Toornament, you’d have needed a spreadsheet to track results. But with Toornament, you can keep tabs on your entire game with ease.

Which information do you want to gather from participants? Do you intend to let them in automatically or reject some? What welcome message do you want customers to receive when they join your tournament? Regardless of your answers, Toornament’s interface makes setting up a game a breeze.

Players also get a dedicated interface to help them register, monitor results, and interact with other players.


How you present your game makes all the difference. Toornament enables you to give a description of your tournament, add dos and don’ts, and schedule your matches. You can up the ante by adding prizes for each accomplishment. Players can create a profile with their logo on display.

Each league comes with HTML widgets designed for media websites. One of the most exciting features of Toornament is also that you can link live streams from any major streaming platform to your tournament. You can also set up video replays to ensure that great plays aren’t lost.

For every match, you get a complete match sheet featuring names of players, game scores, and media content. Depending on the type of game you’re playing, you’ll get access to specific features such as characters and maps.

Custom Integration

Another standout feature of Toornament is its API, which enables you to build anything from a few scripts to a fleshed-out platform.

For tech-savvy people, this is exciting news because you can customize everything from layouts, workflows, and CMSs. Plus, even if you have an already existing website, Toornament’s widgets and APIs ensure that you can showcase statistics on it.

Another benefit worth mentioning is that Toornament lets you show off brands and sponsors on the dedicated website you build. That way, you can make a profit from your tournaments and leagues.

What's New?

In June 2021, Toornament rebranded its website, the first of many new developments the company says are in the works.

The company is shifting its focus to providing premium SaaS solutions for professional organizers, although amateur organizers still get to use the software for free.


Clearly, if you’re looking for a platform to organize tournaments and run leagues, you can’t ignore Toornament.

The software has advanced tools to help you create and manage leagues with ease. It also comes with a host of custom integrations that allow you to tweak settings to suit your taste. With the promise of new SaaS-focused solutions, Toornament can only get better.