How Vera & John has become the leading online casino in Japan

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Kevin Larsen
Kevin Larsen, Chief Editor

Japan’s online casino market has grown rapidly in part due to Vera & John Casino. Established in 2012, their popularity in Japan has grown because of a few factors.

We dive into exactly how Vera John have solidified their position as Japan’s leader in an exciting new market opportunity for Japan.

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The focus on slot games has been the main reason behind their success in Japan. Slot games have become extremely popular among online casinos recently and by putting their effort into it, Vera and John Casino has grown significantly.

Bet on Major Sports

A popular feature is the ability to bet on your favourite sports such as football, this small but significant change allows users to have all the fun in one place.

Knowing the Market

Knowing your target market is an essential part of succeeding in a new market you want to be a part of, Vera and John casino did their research. One of the biggest hurdles was figuring out was what Japanese players expect and what they must deliver in return.

This can be mainly attributed to the need to cater their casino content and services to Japanese culture and customs because of the cultural difference between Japan and other countries. This was a crucial step in their growth.

Language Barriers

Another issue was to break through the language barrier and get better rankings for search engines in Japan in regard to casinos.

In addition, they encountered challenges trying to figure out what keywords Japanese users used most often to search for casino and gambling websites.

Moreover, they couldn’t determine which pages on their casino website would attract the most visitors and where they should place call-to-actions for the best results.

Knowledge is Power

In order for them to overcome these challenges, they needed key information such as;

  • The number of users visiting a casino platform.
  • Most visited pages on the online casino.
  • Time spent by visitors on a casino and different pages.
  • Keywords used by visitors to enter a casino.

By using different statistical tools and techniques, they were able to gain valuable insight into what Japanese players expect from online casinos. By optimizing the target casino site, they were able to cater to the needs of the Japanese markets. This led to the growth of its reputation as a player-oriented casino that pays attention to its user’s needs.

Since the most visited page on the casino was the Bonus and Promotion page, they could determine that one of the deciding factors to draw in Japanese players was to offer appealing and relevant bonuses such as “no deposit bonus” and “daily jackpots.”.

As Vera John Casino’s offers vary tremendously among countries, it would be efficient to create landing pages that focus on these casino bonus offers. This tailor-made approach set them apart.

They also put together a list of keywords that had the highest search volume in Japan regarding online casinos that users wanted to know. These included, Casino Bonus, Best Gambling, Casino Game, and Best Slot were some examples.

Next, they located the specific locations in the country where most traffic is generated, indicating that these regions have more interest in online casino gaming than others

The Results

All this knowledge led to optimizing the site for users to be satisfied and happy with what they get when they visit the site. Users get over 1,100 slots plus games, a user-friendly site as well as regular and consistent promotions.

Final Thoughts

In Japan, the online casino environment is popular for many reasons. It offers a safe, private, trustworthy and comfortable way to play casino games and earn money.

Moreover, they can do it from the comfort of their homes just by accessing the site through a web browser. Though Vera & John currently does not have a mobile app, plans are in motion to change this in the near future.

As more and more people turn to online casino operators, this makes it easier for the Japanese gaming ecosystem to grow. Platforms like Vera and John have a great following among players because they know and understand the market and have paved the way for more online casino platforms to enter the Japanese market.

With plans to continue dominating the online Japanese casino market, Vera & John has a firm grip on this market and can only improve with time.